originally a temple dedicated to the gods, now more commonly a set of “exalted people”.

Eve sources its images directly from the artist and from Topfoto, one of the best and largest image archives in the world,

founded in 1927. Every picture in the archive tells a story and we know this to be true.

The story of the individual, of humanity, of war, of loss, of joyous reunion, of a sporting moment,

all in a single, silent frame, a second before, a second after, the story would have been lost. Hindsight is a luxury not permitted to photographers.


This is the reason why what we have and what we offer to you is chance to have something of the arts, of history, of literature, of culture,  creativity, of a moment in time, to have a picture, part of the long march of everyman.

We know of photographers whose work stands out for originality and courage and shines especially brightly and in recognition of this Eve has  selected artists for the Eve Gallery Pantheon “the exalted people ”.


Click to see some examples of the work of 

Clive Barda, Harold Chapman, David Gamble, John Hedgecoe, Colin Jones, Ken Russell, John Topham.

All have or had the ability to spot the trends and people before there was general recognition and in so doing they make history,

or at least the way we see history.


All the “exalted people” have this ability of insight

and to see and own a copy of representations of their work

is to have a strong sense of history in the making.



Clive Barda

Pamela Chandler

Harold Chapman

David Gamble

John Hedgecoe

Colin Jones

Jorge Lewinski

Don McPhee

Ken Russell

John Topham