Someone Like Me Emily Smith

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When an eco-friendly sister takes sweet vengeance on her sex-in-the-city socialite sibling, our shallow,
materialistic heroine avoids destitution by joining forces with the new-age family her sister left behind.
Condemned to the purgatory of working as an au pair for a family who prefer lentil stew over Beef Wellington,
she is forced to swop Harvey Nichols’ Prada for Charity Shop Primark,
and bring forth the maternal instincts that she’d happily traded in at birth for a glitzy London career.
Despite her determination to remain unsullied by the hippy lifestyle she is forced to inhabit,
she forms an unlikely alliance with her three young charges.
Lovers for breakfast and spiritual choices no deeper than deciding which Alexander McQueen outfit
to wear with her latest impossibly high heels, is the life she left behind and desperately wants back.
But our heroine falls for a man as deep as she is shallow,
and for the first time in her life begins to build - and fight for - relationships that actually mean something.
In this fast-paced, wickedly funny satirical comedy, our anti-heroine learns that on the way to getting even,
being square isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


"Someone Like Me had me laughing out loud(with the kids asking me why all the time and mostly I couldn't repeat it!)". Imaoen

"Hilarious and naughty, as if The Devil Wears Prada starts channelling The Good Life".

"A friend of mine visiting from the UK kindly allowed me to read Someone Like Me. I sent her back without it. (Just read the first paragraph of the excerpt to get a little.) G Valentine

"Hilariously funny and brilliantly written. Every line sparkles with biting humour and clever word play. I couldn't put it down and read it all the way through in one sitting. A real gem".


About Emily


In my Teens I refused to apply to University on the grounds that such places were elitist.I was more interested in bringing down the government and liberating animals. I went to live in a squat in north london.

During this period I learnt to dress fabulously from Cornucopia, second hand and charity shops.

After 3 years peeling potatoes and doing care work I was getting nowhere.

My parents, becoming desperate, tricked me into going to America (carrying an urgent parcel). I stayed for several years with a family who rescued me from myself and talked me into going to Hunter College in New York. There I studied Dramer and English and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

I returned to England. worked for 2 years as a journalist, married and had 4 children. With the third child sitting on my knee I hammered away till late at night at this book. Rejected by one publisher the script sat in a bottom drawer, figuratively speaking.

When i was told i had terminal cancer I dusted it out, thinking, "Sod it. If not now. when?" and here it is.

Emily Smith died of cancer on 5 July 2014

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