Vincent Willem van Gogh

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Vincent Van Gogh, post Impressionist painter of Dutch origin. We offer a selection of paintings in the form of Van Gogh prints to buy,

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Starry Night Over the Rhone
Starry Night
Mountainous landscape near St Remy
Chair and Pipe
Still life with poppies
The Postman

Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1853. Although he enjoyed drawing from the time he was a young boy, he had worked as a teacher in London and then as a minister. He also worked in a book store, an art gallery, and as a missionary. At around the age of 27, van Gogh decided to devote himself completely to art. At the start of his painting career he sketched pictures using pencils or charcoal sticksand also used watercolors. He drew pictures of poor hardworking people. Later he began to paint using oil paints with a lot of dark colors such as browns and dark greens. His pictures were often somber or sad. He was unable to sell many paintings in his lifetime.

In 1886 Van Gogh moved to Paris to study Imptressionism. His art became influenced by painters such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Camille Pissarro. He also became good friends with artist Paul Gauguin.

At this point van Gogh began to use brighter colours and his brushwork also became more broken. He painted subjects from the streets and cafes of Paris and became interested in painting portraits of people. He painted over twenty self portraits during this time, using himself as a model.

His painting became even brighter and his production immense.He later moved to Arles. His  painting grew in intensity and emotion. The colours  became more vibrant and bright. He would sometimes apply the paint directly onto the canvas from the tubes leaving the paint thick with rough brush strokes. Vincent painted hundreds of pictures during this time, sometimes painting masterpieces in a single day.

In 1889 van Gogh committed himself to a mental hospital. He still continued to paint and painted one of his most famous paintings Starry Night while there. Many of his paintings during this time featured cypress trees and lots of swirling colours.

Van Gogh’s mental state continued to deteriorate. On July 29, 1890 he died from a self-inflicted bullet wound to the chest.

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