Rembrandt van Rijn

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Rembrandt is considered one of the greatest painters in Europe and the most important in Dutch history.

 He painted in the Dutch Golden Age when new styles of painting led on from the Baroque era.

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Woman Trying on Earrings
A Polish Nobleman
The Good Samaritan
Raising of the Cross
Christ in Storm
Elephant; drawing

The great works of this painter show a great range and diversity. He was a painter who made an extraordinary number of self portraits, and also many paintings where his mother personified the subject, such as Anna the Prophetess. As well as his wonderful portraits Rembrandt made charcoal drawings of animals.

He made charcoal studies of Hansken the elephant. She was a phenomenon who could sword fight, wave a flag, and put a hat on her head. Recently (2013) she has been declared the first animal to be used to define her Asian elephant species — Elephas maximus.

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